Monday, April 18, 2011

Horace, Carmen Saeculare

Phoebe silvarumque potens Diana,
lucidum caeli decus, o colendi
semper et culti, date quae precamur
tempore sacro,

quo Sibyllini monuere versus
virgines lectas puerosque castos
dis quibus septem placuere colles
dicere carmen.

Alme Sol, curru nitido diem qui
promis et celas aliusque et idem
nasceris, possis nihil urbe Roma
visere maius!

Rite maturos aperire partus
lenis, Ilithyia, tuere matres,
sive tu Lucina probas vocari
seu Genitalis.

Diva, producas subolem patrumque
prosperes decreta super iugandis
feminis prolisque novae feraci
lege marita,

certus undenos deciens per annos
orbis ut cantus referatque ludos
ter die claro totiensque grata
nocte frequentis.

Vosque veraces cecinisse, Parcae,
quod semel dictum est, stabilisque rerum
terminus servet, bona iam peractis
iungite fata.

Fertilis frugum pecorisque tellus
spicea donet Cererem corona;
nutriant fetus et aquae salubres
et Iovis aurae.

Condito mitis placidusque telo
supplices audi pueros, Apollo;
siderum regina bicornis, audi,
Luna, puellas.

Roma si vestrum est opus Iliaeque
litus Etruscum tenuere turmae,
iussa pars mutare Lares et urbem
sospite cursu,

cui per ardentem sine fraude Troiam
castus Aeneas patriae superstes
liberum munivit iter, daturus
plura relictis,

di, probos mores docili iuventae,
di, senectuti placidae quietem,
Romulae genti date remque prolemque
et decus omne.

Quaeque vos bubus veneratur albis
clarus Anchisae Venerisque sanguis,
impetret, bellante prior, iacentem
lenis in hostem.

Iam mari terraque manus potentis
Medus Albanasque timet securis,
iam Scyythae responsa petunt superbi
nuper et Indi.

Iam Fides et Pax et Honos Pudorque
priscus et neglecta redire Virtus
audet, apparetque beata pleno
Copia cornu.

Augur et fulgente decorus arcu
Phoebus acceptusque novem Camenis,
qui salutari levat arte fessos
corporis artus,

si Palatinas videt aequus aras,
remque Romanam Latiumque felix
alterum in lustrum meliusque semper
prorogat aevum;

quaeque Aventinum tenet Algidumque,
quindecim Diana preces virorum
curat et votis puerorum amicas
applicat auris.

Haec Iovem sentire deosque cunctos
spem bonam certamque domum reporto,
doctus et Phoebi chorus et Dianae
dicere laudes.

Phoebus and Diana, ruler of the forests,
shining glory of heaven, oh you to be worshiped
and must always be worshiped, give that which we pray for
in this sacred time,

when the Sabylline verses advised
the chosen virgins and pure boys
to sing a song for the gods for whom the seven
hills are pleasing.

Nourishing Sol, you who brings forth and conceals the day
with your shining chariot, and are born another and
the same, may you be able to see nothing greater
than the city of Rome!

Duly gentle to uncover timely
births, Ilithyia, watch over mothers,
whether you assent to be called Lucina
or Genitalis.

Goddess, may you bring forth offspring and bless
the decrees of our fathers over marriage to
women, and the law on marriage with new
fruitful offspring,

so that the fixed orbit of ten times eleven years
may bring back songs and games
crowded three times in the bright day and as often
in the pleasing night.

And you, Fates, truthful to have sung
that which had once been fixed, and may the
boundary of stable things keep it (so), now join
good fates with completed ones.

May the earth, fertile in fruits and the herd,
present Ceres with a crown of grain;
may the healthy rains and breezes of Jove
nourish the harvest.

Apollo, gentle and calm, with your weapon
put away, hear the suppliant youths;
Luna, two-horned queen of stars, hear
the girls.

If Rome is your work and Ilian
troops held the Etruscan shore,
a part ordered to change their home and city
in a safe course,

for whom chaste Aeneas, survivor of the fatherland,
built a way for freedom through burning Troy
without trickery, about to give more (good things)
than those left behind:

gods, grant honest manners to the docile youth,
gods, grant peace in the calm of old age,
grant resources and offspring and every honor
to the race of Romulus.

And that which, with white bulls, the bright
family of Anchises and Venus asks of you,
superior to the warring one, gentle to the
fallen enemy.

Now the Parthian fears our troops, lords of
sea and land, and the axes of Alba,
now the Scythians and the Indi, haughty until recently,
seek answers.

Now Faith and Peace and Honor and ancient
Modesty and neglected Virtue dare to
return and blessed Plenty, with a full horn,
makes an appearance.

Phoebus, prophet decorated with a gleaming
bow and dear to the nine Muses,
who, with his saving art, relieves the tired
limbs of the body,

if he kindly looks on the altars on the Palatine,
and and always prolongs Roman strength and
the prosperity of Latium for a further cycle and
to a better age,

and Diana, she who holds Aventine and Algidus,
attends to the prayers of the fifteen men
and places friendly ears nears the
appeals of the youth.

So that Jupiter and all the gods perceive these
(words), I carry back home a good and sure hope,
I and the chorus taught to tell the praises of
Phoebus and of Diana.


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