Monday, February 28, 2011

Horace, Ode 1.2

Iam satis terris nivis atqque dirae

grandinis misit pater et rubente

dextera sacras iaculatus arcis,

terruit urbem,

terruit gentis, grave ne rediret

saeculum Pyrrhae nova monstra questae,

omne cum Proteus pecus egit altos

visere montis,

piscinum et summa genus haesit ulmo,

nota quae sedes fuerat columbis,

et superiecto pavidae natarunt

aequore dammae;

vidimus flavom Tiberim retoris

litore Etrusco violenter undis

ire deiectum monument regis

templaque Vestae,

Iliae dum se nimium querenti

iactat ultorem, vagus et sinistra

labitur ripa Iove non probante u-

xorius amnis;

audiet civis acuisse ferrum,

quo graves Persae melius perirent,

audiet pugnas vitio parentum

rara iuventus.

Quem vocet divum populus ruentis

imperi rebus? prece qua fatigent

virgines sanctae minus audientem

carmina Vestam?

cui dabat partis scelus expiandi

Iuppiter? Tandem venias precamur

nube candentis umeros amictus

augur Apollo;

sive tu mavis, Erycina ridens,

quam Iocus circum volat et Cupido;

sive neglectum genus et nepotes

respicis auctor,

heu nimis longo satiate ludo,

quem iuvat clamor galaeque leves

acer et Marsi peditis cruentem

voltus in hostem;

sive mutata iuvenem figura

ales in terris imitaris almae

filius Maiae patiens vocari

Caesaris ultor,

serus in caelum redeas diuque

laetus intersis populo Quirini

neve te nostris vitiis iniquum

ocior aura

tollat: hic magnos potius triumphos,

hic ames dici pater atque princeps,

neu sinas Medos equitare inultos

te duce, Caesar.

Now Father Jupiter has sent enough

awful snow and hail and with his

glowing right hand striking the sacred hills

he frightened the city,

he frightened mankind, lest the heavy age

of Pyrrha complaining about a new sign returns,

when Proteus drove the whole herd to

visit the mountains,

a kind of fish stick to the highest elm,

which had been the known seat for doves,

and the fearful does swim in the sea

spread over the earth.

We have seen the yellow Tibur, with the

waves violently flung back to the Etruscan shore,

to go to overthrow the monuments of the king

and the temples of Vesta,

while with Ilia complaining too much

he throws the avenger, and the wandering one

slips from the left bank, with Jove not approving

of the wife-loving river.

He will hear the citizens sharpening the swords,

with which it would be better if serious Persians die,

the youth fewer by the fault of their parents

will hear battles.

Which god will the people call with affairs

of power falling? With which prayer will the

sacred virgins weary Vesta listening to

songs less?

To whom will Jupiter give the role of atoning

our crimes? May you come at last, we pray,

your shining shoulders covered in a cloud,

augur Apollo;

or if you prefer, laughing lady of Eryx,

about whom Jocus and Cupid fly;

or if you look back at the neglected descendants

and grandsons, founder,

alas satisfied with a too long game,

whom the sharp battle cry pleases and

light helmets and the fierce face to the Marsian foot-soldier

against a bloodied enemy;

or if you will imitate with your shape change

a youth on earth, son of Maia,

suffering to be called the

avenger of Caesar:

may you return to heaven late, and happily

be long among the Roman

and may you not in disgust at our crimes, raise yourself up

on too swift a breeze;

Here may you love, rather, great triumphs

here, to be called father and chief,

and may you not allow the unvanquished Parthians

to prance while you are leader, Caesar.

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