Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Horace, Ode 2.6

Septimi, Gadis aditure mecum et
Cantabrum indoctum iuga ferre nostra et
barbaras Sytris, ubi Maura semper
aestuat unda,

Tibur Argeo positum colono
sit meae sedes utinam senectae,
sit modus lasso maris et viarum

Unde si Parcae prohibent iniquae,
dulce pellitis ovibus Galaesi
flumen et regnata petam Laconi
rura Phalantho.

Ille terrarum mihi praeter omnis
angulus ridet, ubi non Hymetto
mella decedunt viridique certat
baca Venafro;

ver ubi longum tepidasque praebet
Iuppiter brumas, et amicu Aulon
fertili Baccho minimum Falernis
invidet uvis.

Ille te mecum locus et beatae
postulant arces; ibi tu calentem
debita sparges lacrima favillam
vatis amici.

Septimius, ready to go to Gades with me and
to Cantabrus unlearned to bear our yoke and
the barbaric Syrtis, where the Maura wave
always seethes,

to Tibur founded by an Argive farmer,
would that it be my seat of old age,
would that it be the end to weariness of sea
and of journeys and of war.

Whence if the Fates forbid unfairly,
I will aim for the river of Galaesus
dear to skin-covered sheep and the farms of Laconus
ruled by Phalanthus.

That corner of lands smiles upon me
beyonds all others, where the honeys do not
yield in comparison to Hymettus and the olive
fights with green Venafrum;

where Juppiter offers a long spring and
warm winters, and Aulon friendly to
fertile Bacchus envies as little as possible
the grapes of Falernus.

That place and the blessed hilltops
summon you with me; there you you will scatter
the warm ashes of your friend the poet
with due tears.

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